“You look over the dates for Vonda Shepard, Def Leppard and the “B.B. King Blues Festival 2000” tour, typing in queries with one hand as you mix a screwdriver with the other. You know you have a problem. You know you need help. You have numbers to call, people to talk to, but you keep putting it off, finding reasons to delay the inevitable.

You light another smoke, and peer into the monitor. You sip a glass of vino as you look at the dates for Frank Mills and Let’s Go Bowling. You compute travel times to see the , while you pop a Budweiser.

Every day you say to yourself, “No more!” But you keep coming back. Your computer is showing dates for Such A Surge, as you knock back a shot of Wild Turkey.

You’ve paid for your problem. Oh, how you’ve paid. You’ve lost your family, your job, and the I.R.S. is about to seize your home. You should be facing reality instead of a couple of cold ones and tour dates for Indigo Girls and Lonestar.

But you keep doing it. Right now you’re looking at the updated Otis Taylor schedule while you sip a daiquiri. You blend a margarita as you make plans to see Jimmy Buffett.

“Stop!” screams your body. “You’ve got to seek help,” say your friends. You know you have to regain control. Take back your life. You make another promise. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow will be the day. The first day of the rest of your life.

The day that you give up looking at tour dates on Pollstar.com.

But you’ll worry about that tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Sir Mix-A-Lot, Sebastian Bach and Dodgy. Oh, and a coaster for your glass.