San Francisco-based MusicBank’s Web site is tentatively set to launch in late August and willprovide consumers with online access to BMG’s vast music selection, including songs fromChristina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Foo Fighters.

“We have always felt that the real promise of Internet music distribution is the delivery ofuniversal access and portability of your personal music collection,” said Michael Downing,president and CEO of MusicBank.

Consumers who purchase BMG music at an online or brick-and-mortar store can access songsfrom anywhere via the MusicBank Web site, once the site verifies the consumer has paid for themusic. Once it is clear the listener has the right to hear the music, MusicBank will play songs instreaming Real Audio format.

The storage and transmission method would be a secure and encoded form of streaming music,unlike the popularly traded MP3 audio format. There will be no charge for storage and access.

MusicBank hopes to partner with other major recording labels.

BMG Entertainment is the music and entertainment division of Bertelsmann AG and owns morethan 200 record labels in 54 countries, including Arista Records, RCA Records, Ariola andWindham Hill.