On June 13, he was indicted on 12 counts of fraudulently obtaining the prescription drug hydrocodone, a sedative similar to codeine. “The circumstances under which we must cancel Mr. English’s concerts are unfortunate,” saidDollywood General Manager Ken Bell in a statement June 26. “However, we feel it is the bestdecision for everyone at this time.”

English has said he got addicted to hydrocodone after it was prescribed to him as pain medication for an injury. His lawyer is trying to win him probation.

Spokesman Jeff Lysyczyn said the singer has not lost any other bookings because of the charges. Arraignment of English on the drug charges was scheduled for June 28. He was free on$2,500 bond.

English shocked the Christian music industry in 1993 when he returned six Gospel MusicAssociation Awards and acknowledged an adulterous affair with a backup singer that resulted inher pregnancy. The woman subsequently had a miscarriage.