While traveling between dates in the Midwest, the country star and his touring entourage came to the rescue of a woman whose car had flipped over on a Nebraska road. Chesnutt & Co. carried Sandra Lech onto one of their tour buses and comforted her until paramedics arrived.

The accident occurred in the wee hours of July 4 as Chesnutt’s tour rolled from the Rosebud Casino in Valentine, Neb., to a festival in Bethany, Okla. Lech escaped her overturned car on the sparsely traveled road, luckily finding a concerned touring crew on scene and prepared to help.

The performer’s early-morning adventure soon ended and it was back to business for Chesnutt and his crew, neglecting to share their heroic anecdote with others. But Lech and her daughter, Kristine Warren, got the word out.

Warren e-mailed Chesnutt’s fan club Web site to thank the singer and everyone involved for helping her mother. “My mom was so completely lucky and fortunate to be alive after the family saw her vehicle,” she wrote. “Thank you so much for helping her to your bus, calling 911, picking up her things from the wrecked vehicle, and waiting with her until the ambulance came. …

“In such a tragic event like this, it is comforting to know that there are still people out there willing to help,” Warren wrote, adding her mother is recovering with a few stitches and bruises, but no broken bones.

Chesnutt commented: “It never occurred to me that we should brag about doing something that was simply the right thing to do. We were all thankful to be able to offer assistance when someone needed help.”