The 27-year-old rapper, aka Marshall Mathers III, pleaded innocent by mail at his arraignment in Oakland Circuit Court July 17.

He was charged last month with illegally possessing and brandishing a concealed weapon outside of a stereo shop, where he happened upon an associate of rival Detroit rappers Insane Clown Posse.

Gorcyca said Mathers “will not be exposed to jail time” because he has “no prior offenses, a gun was not used in an assaultive fashion and there were no injuries.”

The prosecutor predicted probation of no more than 17 months.

Mathers’ lawyer, Wally Piszczatowski, told The Detroit News that he hoped to make a deal before the case goes to trial.

The rapper’s $1,000 bond was continued and a pretrial hearing was set for September 18.

In a separate case in Macomb County, Mathers is facing an August 31 hearing for two felony weapons charges brought against him after a fight last month sparked when he apparently spotted a man kissing his wife.

Meanwhile, in his Sterling Heights hometown, officials have refused to let the Grammy-winning rapper put up an 8-foot fence around his front yard for extra security.

“They approved a six-foot fence and that’s not going to help anything,” manager Paul Rosenberg said.

City officials said the fence would violate ordinances.

“What he wants to do is kind of cheesy. It would make the place look like a prison,” Sterling Heights Board of Ordinance Appeals member Terry Hamel said. “It’s going to be our way or no way.”