The retail chain is holding the show for 25,000 fans on the East Meadow of Central Park in New York City September 12.

The concert, in association with NYC 2000 – Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Office for the Millennium – is to celebrate the introduction of the giant Best Buy chain into the greater New York area.

It will also mark the last date of Sting’s North American tour and will be the only major Central Park concert this year.

While the show is free, only 25,000 tickets are being distributed by Best Buy, beginning in early September. The company is also running a nationwide contest, giving away 15 trips to New York City including air fare, hotel and concert tickets for two.

Fans can enter the sweepstakes August 13 – 30 at Best Buy’s Web site by clicking on the Sting icon.

Minnesota-based Best Buy is determined to make a good first impression in New York. In addition to the concert, the company announced it will donate more than $1 million to area youth programs during the next year.