“John’s management is not giving advance notice to the public about these concerts but typically have been letting mellencamp.com know about 2 hours before each performance,” read a statement on the site.

According to fans who have been to the shows, Mellencamp turns up with an accordionist and a fiddler and allows fans to take his picture. He’s signed autographs and chatted with people after the performances, which have been attended by his wife and children.

Mellencamp’s tour manager, Harry Sandler, said the tour has been paired with a family camping trip.

“I’m not promoting anything. I’m just playing for the people. That’s all I’m doing,” Mellencamp said. “I don’t want the newspapers writing that ‘He was out promoting his new record.'”

The Midwestern troubadour’s only scheduled concert is at Farm Aid 2000, September 17 in Bristow, Va.