“It is with great reluctance that we have made this decision,” a spokesperson for tour promoter Donedeal Productions stated. “We had the distinct pleasure of seeing INXS and Jon Stevens play in Sydney in May and were absolutely blown away by the performance.”

Apparently, New Zealanders didn’t share their enthusiasm and the four-show tour faltered at the box office. Promoters blamed the economic climate for the low ticket sales.

“Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, and extensive promotion by the various band members and Jon Stevens on TV, radio and in the nation’s press, the shows have fallen victim to the current market conditions here, which have seen similar cancellations in recent weeks, with a lot of other international concerts suffering from poor attendances,” Donedeal stated.

The band expressed its chagrin on its Web site.

“INXS has always had the policy that if you say you are going to play, then you play – full out or not. Everyone is extremely disappointed the concerts will not be going ahead, but the promoter’s decision is to cancel and there isn’t a thing we can do to change that decision.”

The Australian band has played only sporadic dates, usually with a guest singer, since the 1997 suicide of frontman Michael Hutchence in a Sydney hotel room.