So far, none of the major booking agencies are commenting on Blake’s arrest or how it will affect the upcoming concert season. Even though most of the major tours, including Ozzfest, Rush and Eagles are on track, one anonymous tipster claims that Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth won’t fulfill their summer commitments until both acts are assured that the former Little Rascal will be denied bail and remain in custody. “The fear is that great,” said the nameless source.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Tom Cochrane and The Smithereens have both purged their respective tour buses of Baretta videos, and that Don McLean, John Mayer and Monster Magnet are rewriting their standard contracts to include a clause that requires “no Blake zones” in and around their dressing rooms.

“The entire industry is taking a ‘circle the wagons’ approach,” said one promoter. “After all, we know what effect the O.J. trial had on the 1995 tours by Britney Spears and Dokken. Plus, no one dares speculate as to what will happen if Blake’s attorney decides to play the trailer trash card.”

Will Robert Blake’s arrest change the way the concert industry does business? Will his trial drastically transform the routings for Beth Orton and G. Love & Special Sauce? While experts agree that any speculation upon the matter is merely conjecture on what may or may not happen, one music insider is predicting a drastic shortage of rap and hip-hop tours this summer. “Sure, Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo are going out this summer,” said the source. “But many rappers are long-time Little Rascals fans, and they fear, that if Blake is convicted, they just won’t have the will to go out and give the performances that they are noted for.”


“Well, it’s obvious,” claims the source. “They can’t do the rhyme if Blake does the time.”