Finally, there’s that sound card of yours. It may be good enough for listening to all those John Tesh MP3s you grabbed off of Napster before it was shut down, but did you know all of the dates listed on, including the ones found on the itineraries for Marc Anthony and Buddy Guy, come in an audio version? With every single date spoken by the actual artist? All you need is the customized sound card, only $199 ($399 if you’re Canadian. Just because we can).

Now, we won’t lie to you. Customized sound and video cards along with a special mouse do add to up a considerable chunk of change. That’s why we’re about to launch Pollstar Premium, a special service that gives you loads of spiffy extras for less than you’d pay for a couple of six packs of Bud on a Saturday night. Our exciting new service may not offer the aforementioned goodies, like phone numbers, bank account info and Ozzy Osbourne slurring his way through a listing of dates and cites, but it will give you thousands upon thousands of tour dates for acts like Phish and The String Cheese Incident, with each schedule customized to fit on your computer screen, no matter if it’s an IBM clone, Mac or Tandy 1000. With Pollstar Premium you’ll still get our free tour schedules, but you’ll also be a member of our close-knit, concert-loving community of fans who were able to cough up a few dollars a year to enjoy to its fullest.

And from where we sit, that’s the best experience ever.