We understand how hard it is to roll out of the sack on the first day of the workweek. That’s why we pack our Website with the freshest tour dates available. For example, we have the new tour from The Ataris to wash the sleep out of your eyes and dates for Widespread Panic and to get the ol’ bod hummin’ and send you off to work. Yes, Mondays are fun days when you’re packing tour info from Pollstar.com.

And Tuesdays need not be blues days when we send you skipping merrily on your way with the latest dates for Bob Dylan or Prince. Foreclosure notices, phone calls from free clinics, surprise, up-close encounters with Nick Nolte, yes, all life’s fears, doubts and worries melt away when you’re fortified with the knowledge that Skid Row is playing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on September 28. But wait, there’s more.

That’s right! Wednesdays need not be dread days spent huddled underneath the bed sheets in mortal fear of what lays in store for you once you venture beyond that front door. No, sir. Not with the dates for , Lou Barlow and Chris Isaak just a mouse click away. Bio-warfare, weapons of mass destruction, the rumors of Glitter II, they all seem insignificant when you’re eyeballing those venues for Don Henley or gently caressing those cities for No Doubt and Beck. Could it possibly get any better than this?

Of course it can! Every Thursday can be tour day with the itineraries for Paul McCartney and Down. Imagine! You and your loved ones gathered around the computer looking at the additional dates for Sigur Ros or the multiple nights for The Rolling Stones. Yes, all the great families, like the Osbournes, the Osmonds and the Mansons, know that family harmony is perfect harmony when you’re sharing the love that is the latest schedule for GWAR. What’s more, we all know what comes next.

Friday! Friday! Friday! The greatest day of the week! And tour data from Pollstar.com makes every Friday bi day! No… Wait a minute. That’s not right. Lessee… What rhymes with Friday? Hi day? No, that might be misunderstood. Guy day? No, that sounds discriminatory. Dry day? Lie? Sty? Cry? Hmmm…

We’ll have to get back to you on this.