“It’s time to say goodnight, Dick. Folks, next week our guests will be The Forty-Fives and Vince Gill.”

“Hey, Dan, did you know that Peter Garrett has left Midnight Oil?”

“You don’t say. He was in Midnight Oil for a long time.”

“I know, Dan. He joined that band right after he left Pink Floyd.”

“Right. Folks, in the coming weeks we’ll also have The Divine Comedy, The Wallflowers and… What? Pink Floyd?”

“Of course. Don’t you remember, Dan? Peter Garrett left Pink Floyd to join Midnight Oil. His replacement was David Gilmour.”

“I don’t think so, Dick.”

“I know so, Dan. David Gilmour replaced Peter Garret in Pink Floyd. Of course, that was long before he starred in that TV show on the WB.”

“What TV show on the WB?”

“Why, The Gilmour Girls, of course.”

“Dick, I think that’s a different Gilmour.”

“It sure is different, Dan. From Pink Floyd to starring in a show about a family that starts a band. Remember? David Cassidy played the oldest son.”

“No, Dick. That’s The Partridge Family.”

“That’s right , Dan. And Peter Garrett was the youngest son who played the drums. Boy, talk about a coincidence. It’s a small world, isn’t it?”

“Wait a second, Dick. Peter Garrett did not play the youngest son in The Partridge Family.”

“He sure did, Dan. Of course, that’s when he was a child star. Now he has that band called F8.”

“F8? Oh, you’re talking about Leif Garrett, not Peter Garrett.”

“No way, Dan. I know everything there is to know about Peter Garrett. Man, what talent! The Partridge Family, Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil, F8. Not to mention his career as a brilliant jazz sax player.”

“No, Dick. That’s Kenny Garrett.”

“Don’t try to confuse me, Dan.”

“I wouldn’t think of it. But you have your musicians mixed up, Dick. Syd Barrett was in Pink Floyd, not Peter Garrett. And Peter wasn’t in any TV show created by David Gilmour for the WB.”

“He wasn’t?”

“No. Now that we got that settled, folks, don’t miss our Christmas show when our guests will be KISS, Santana and -“

“That’s right. It was that other show.”

“Uh? What other show?”

“The one Peter did with Micky Dolenz. Remember? ‘Here we come. Walking down the street.'”

The Monkees? Peter Garrett was never in The Monkees, Dick.”

“He was, too. It was Peter, Micky, the guy whose mother invented Liquid Paper, and their booking agent, Danny.”

“That’s Davy, and he wasn’t their booking agent.”

“Sure he was. And they played in a band. That is, when they weren’t fighting crime as part of an elite, law enforcement organization headed up by Peter Garret.”

“Crime fighting organization? Peter Garrett? Booking agent? Just what the hell are you talking about, Dick?”

“Well don’t you remember? They were cops in Hawaii, and at the end of every show, Peter Garrett would say, ‘Book ’em, Danno.”

“Say goodnight, Dick.”

“Goodnight, Dick.”