“We’ll be doing the same show in every city we play,” John Boyle of SnoCore said. “For the kids in Salt Lake City, the skiing and snowboarding videos we’ll show between bands will connect directly to their experiences. And for the kids in El Paso, who don’t have the opportunity to participate as much in these sports, the videos will probably be even more exciting.”

Like Boyle alluded, this year’s SnoCore package will be hitting several new markets, including some where snowfall is as rare as a smog-free day in Los Angeles.

“The kind of music we’re featuring on SnoCore this year fits right in with snow-sport culture,” Boyle said. “I grew up in Lake Tahoe, skiing, snowboarding and playing in bands. The adrenaline you get from playing music is certainly similar to what you feel in action sports; they just go hand-in-hand.”

And with Sparta, Glassjaw, Hot Water Music, and Dredg on for the tour, the non-winter sports types will be able to experience the same rush as a black diamond run.

Tickets for the outing range from an ├╝ber low $13 on up to the $20 mark, making SnoCore not only less cash than a day pass to the slopes, but one of the cheapest concerts out there.