The singer/songwriter hits the road September 26 in Boulder and continues through mid-November, spending two nights at Joe’s Pub in New York City.

Steve Conn is opening all of the shows on his own, as well as playing in Lynne’s band after his own set.

All this touring business comes in support of Lynne’s latest album, Identity Crisis, which hits shelves September 16. The disc follow’s her pop flavored Love, Shelby.

The making of Identity Crisis was a different process for Lynne than her previous albums. For the first time, she recorded without a record label dictating or financing the project, thus making the effort a true DIY deal.

“It was a good place to start for me,” Lynne said. “No label, here on your own. So I started putting this studio in the house, gathering equipment piece by piece, learning how to operate it by myself and writing songs.”

The end result is a disc that features mostly Lynne on vocals and guitars, with minimal additional instruments.