That’s right. We’re turning over a new leaf! We’re changing our spots! We’re doing an about-face! We’re new! And improved!

For too long we’ve let certain problems behind the concert-info gathering scene fester and rage while we put on our best smiley face and assured you, the faithful user, that there’s nothing wrong. However, that’s yesterday and today is tomorrow’s past. In short, we’re cleaning up our act, we’re getting it together and we’re changing our tune to a brand new key.

You see, we’d be lying to you if we were to say we haven’t had any problems. Like all the other successful dot-coms, we’ve had our growing pains – malfunctioning servers, intoxicated employees, SEC investigations – but we’re past that, and we want to assure you that is THE place on the Net for tour information like the new listing for Marc Broussard, or the recent addictions to the schedules for Mariah Carey, Paul Anka and Stretch Arm Strong. We’re number one! We’re king of the hill! We’re a mean, lean, Ween info data machine!

So forget about all those stories you’ve heard about us. Ignore those tales of drunken orgies while posting the schedules for David Cassidy and Billy Talent, and dismiss those rumors about our department managers groping their way through the listings for The Righteous Brothers, Rahzel and Slightly Stoopid. And while we’re at it, pay no heed to the gossip about how our board members farmed out the data processing for Johnny Winter and The Fixx to sweatshops in Thailand, Outer Mongolia and East Bakersfield. Forget the past, embrace tomorrow and tolerate this moment for a new day is arising at!

How can we do it? How can we just snap our fingers and vanquish past problems such as when our managing editor passed out in a drunken stupor over the schedules for Tony Danza and James Brown, or that day last week when our box office editor brought his Uzi to the office promising to administer a little “concert industry discipline” on the interns who messed up the ticket sale count for Tower Of Power? How can we possibly correct these past wrongs, while at the same time, assure you that everything is just hunky-dory at the largest third-party concert data site on the planet? It’s easy.

We just hired a new public relations company. After all, if it’s good enough for the government…