A post on her official Web site by Budgie, Sioux’s husband and Banshee percussionist, states: “The reason for this is that after her recent successful Sinus operation, Siouxsie has unfortunately contracted a ‘Secondary Sinus Infection’ just three weeks after being given the ‘All Clear.’

“We could have followed the accepted policy and waited another few weeks to see how the condition ‘responds to treatment’ before taking this decision, but we felt that the risk of having a shorter period of notice would be unfair on everybody.

“We know some people have already made travel plans along with their ticket purchase & so we want to give everybody as much time as possible to alter those plans or to obtain refunds if necessary.

“It’s because we also want to give Siouxsie as much time as possible to make a full & complete recovery that we are rescheduling the tour to start in September.”

More information is available at thecreatures.com.

The “An Evening with Siouxsie” tour was scheduled to begin in Seattle May 19 and run for 14 intimate theater dates.

Sioux and Budgie released their fifth album as the Creatures, Hai!, last October. Last summer saw the release of The Seven Year Itch, the live CD/DVD document of Siouxsie & the Banshees’ 2002 reunion tour.