Founding members Romye “Booty Brown” Robinson and Imani Wilcox are keeping the name alive and touring the U.S. in December. The rappers just got back from Australia, where they rocked clubs across the continent with a DJ, live drummer and keyboardist on stage.

The group’s other original members – Slim Kid Tre and Fatlip – have been gone for years, but Robinson and Wilcox have soldiered on, most recently with Humboldt Beginnings. The album was released earlier this year on the duo’s independent label, Chapter 1.

The Pharcyde headlined a U.S. run this spring, and spent the summer doing shows with the likes of The X-Ecutioners and Ghostface.

The solo careers of Fatlip and Tre have been erratic, although the two appeared together on a Mya track last year. Superproducer Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes reportedly tried unsuccessfully to get all four members back together for his Star Trak label.