TAG Restructures

The Agency Group has formalized its structure in the U.S. and Canada, naming Steve Herman CEO of North America and promoting several agents to the positions of VP and senior VP.

Herman, the current prexy of the agency’s Toronto office, will split his time between the Canadian and New York offices, at least for the next year.

The NYC headquarters will be run by Ken Fermaglich. The Los Angeles office will be run by now-senior veeps Dave Kirby and Andy Somers. Toronto will be directed by Ralph James and Jack Ross.

NYC’s Peter Schwartz and L.A.’s Bruce Solar are now vice presidents and in charge of their respective offices.

“I think we have some of the strongest and most experienced individuals in the agency business working inside the company and we want to use some of their strengths more for the operation and management of the company,” Herman told Pollstar. “I think by formalizing a structure, we’re going to accomplish that.”

He added the appointments will help internal communication and corporate goals.

Steve Martin remains president of North America, but will now also oversee the film and TV/ literary division, as well as the comedy division.

“The Agency Group has seen rapid growth over the last few years, and it is right we should recognize the enormous management talent we have within the company … ,” TAG worldwide CEO Neil Warnock said in a statement.

TAG moved to better digs inside the same NYC building last fall and renovations to the office were recently completed.