Where’s Marty?

Before CIC 2005 kicked off February 2nd in Los Angeles, agents and promoters were being teased by a mailer asking, “Where’s Marty?” “Is Marty Here?” “Marty Who?”

They were directed to find Marty at CIC.

When conference-goers registered at The Century Plaza Hotel, their info bags teased further with “Have You Seen Marty?” paraphernalia and led curious cats to the New Charlotte Arena-sponsored CIC Lounge at the hotel’s Breeze Restaurant.

In case that wasn’t a dead giveaway, Marty is Marty Bechtold, senior VP of event booking and marketing at the New Charlotte Arena, which is under construction in North Carolina.

The “Where’s Marty?” campaign is a fun little promotional idea cooked up by the arena’s advertising agency to get Bechtold to meet industry people he’ll be working with and tell them about the features of the new venue.

Anybody who knows Bechtold can appreciate the joke. He’s the modest, quiet, unassuming type – not exactly someone who would seek out the spotlight in a self-themed campaign.

So if you see him, be sure to make a big scene: “There’s Marty!”