DMB Pleads Guilty For Dump

The Illinois attorney general’s office said it has reached an agreement with the Dave Matthews Band regarding the sewage dump incident of last summer, with DMB entering a guilty plea and paying $100,000 in donations, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Band bus driver Stefan Wohl recently pleaded guilty to dumping 800 pounds of human waste from the vehicle’s septic tank onto a grated bridge over the Chicago River last August. The waste landed on the deck of a tour boat, drenching several sightseers. Officials believe Wohl was alone on the bus.

He was sentenced to probation and community service. To help make amends, DMB donated $50,000 each to the Friends of the Chicago River and the Chicago Park District.

The state had asked the band to pay $60,000 in fines; the new agreement was expected to be presented in court April 29th.

A $5 million-plus lawsuit filed against DMB by the tour boat company is pending, the Sun-Times said.