Mega Star Shed Sold

Officials in Eufaula, Okla., have agreed to sell an amusement park and amphitheatre shuttered seven years ago in the wake of a financing scandal.

The Mega Star Amphitheatre and complex is being sold to local businessman Don Nichols for $268,000 following investor losses of about $5 million.

Nichols said the vacant facility is being cleaned up with the goal of reopening the arcade and miniature golf course this summer. The amphitheatre could reopen later this year.

Construction of the 28,000-capacity project on Lake Eufaula was scuttled in 1995, leaving hundreds of investors and contractors holding the bag.

An investigation into the project’s financing sent the Eufaula Industrial Authority into bankruptcy and then-Mayor Joe Johnson to prison for embezzling money from the project, among other charges.