Vendor Crackdown Prompts Stabbing

Several men were injured in a stabbing incident outside Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium July 31st after plainclothes security guards confronted a group of unlicenced vendors.

The guards were hired by SportsService to crack down on counterfeit T-shirts sold during Dodger games. Three of them approached a group of about 15 men and teenagers illegally selling merchandise when one of the vendors began “slashing at people” with a knife, according to police spokesman Lt. Ruben Delatorre.

One guard was stabbed in the shoulder, one in the stomach and another reportedly sustained an eye injury. Two vendors were stabbed, one in the stomach and the other in the back.

Four of the injured were transported to a hospital and were in stable condition.

The unidentified suspect took off in a black vehicle and remained wanted by police at press time. Police arrested three other vendors on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

A Dodgers spokesman confirmed the altercation but said the team does not comment on security matters.