CBGB Holds On

The fate of New York City’s legendary CBGB nightclub will be determined at the end of August, when the venue will find out if its 12-year lease will be renewed. Meanwhile, supporters of the punk club are planning a last-ditch effort to save the space.

Longtime Bruce Springsteen guitarist and “Sopranos” mafioso actor Steven Van Zandt has been leading the pack of celebrities who are fighting for preservation of the club.

Van Zandt announced August 1st that CBGB will hold a month-long campaign of concerts – including Chevelle, Misfits, The Vandals and others – to save the club. The effort will conclude with a free concert set for August 31st at NYC’s Washington Square Park.

Several national acts were reportedly being looked at to perform, but Van Zandt wasn’t revealing any names.

CBGB is in conflict with its landlord, the Bowery Residents Committee, over back rent and a monthly increase in rent, which is about $19,000. The BRC provides shelter for homeless people in the building that houses the venue.

Van Zandt said a proposal was recently submitted to the landlord, offering to pay more rent and host events to raise money for the shelter. He said there’s been no response as of yet.

Earlier this year, CBGB owner/manager Hilly Kristal hinted to Pollstar that if the lease renewal in NYC doesn’t work out, the club could possibly relocate to Las Vegas where there seems to be a brewing punk scene.

For now, CBGB has dates scheduled through mid September. Kristal reportedly said it would take months before an eviction process would shutter the club.