MJ Guilty, Say Ex-Jurors

Update: Two former jurors in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial say they regret voting to acquit the ex-King of Pop, prompting his attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., to suggest the pair is seeking publicity for their book and movie deals.

“The bottom line is it makes no difference what they’re saying,” Mesereau said. “Twelve people deliberated and out of that process, justice is supposed to result. Now, two months later, these jurors are changing their tunes.

“They clearly like being on TV,” the attorney continued. “I’m very suspicious.”

Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman said in a televised interview that they believe the singer’s young accuser was sexually assaulted.

“No doubt in my mind whatsoever, that boy was molested, and I also think he enjoyed to some degree being Michael Jackson’s toy,” Cook said on MSNBC’s “Rita Cosby: Live and Direct.”

The two former jurors said they felt intimidated to go along with the other jurors once they realized there wasn’t support for a conviction. They denied being motivated by money.

“There were a lot of people that were interested in this case from day one. People expect to know what’s going on with their justice system and how things work,” Hultman said.

“I’m speaking out now because I believe it’s never too late to tell the truth,” Cook added.

Hultman’s book will be called “The Deliberator” and Cook’s is “Guilty as Sin, Free as a Bird,” said Larry Garrison, a producer who is working with both on their separate books and a combined television movie.

A third former juror, Katarina Carls, came forward to say that she initially agreed with Cook and Hultman that MJ was guilty, but ultimately voted to acquit him because of reasonable doubt.

“I kept asking myself, is there any slight possibility that this boy might lie at all? And my answer was yes,” she told MSNBC July 9th.