Ahnold Finds Cash In Stones

So, you’re California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and you’re looking for a snazzy way to raise some campaign dough. The solution? Offer folks a chance to sit with you in a luxury box at The Rolling Stones‘ August 21st concert at Boston’s Fenway Park for a mere $100,000 donation.

The opportunity was arranged by mortgage lender Ameriquest, the lead sponsor of the Stones’ 2005 tour. Ameriquest offered the action-star-turned-politician more than three dozen center stage and luxury box seats.

The offer is part of Schwarzenegger’s campaign to stump for proposals on the ballot in California’s November 8th special election.

But don’t despair if you’re a little short on cash. A $10,000 or more donation will get you an invitation to a private reception for 40 guests hosted by the Guvinator himself.

A Stones rep said the band has no role in the governor’s fund-raiser.