Truss Bent At Soaring Eagle

A Loggins & Messina concert August 3rd at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., had to be postponed at the last minute when trussing above the stage bent during production load-in.

It happened during the installation of a 10,000-pound video monitor, according to the city’s Morning Sun newspaper. A loud crunch was heard, and the truss bent in the middle.

The show was moved to September 5th, rather than risk the safety of the performers or audience.

Soaring Casino hosts a summer concert series at the temporary amphitheatre in the casino’s parking lot. The trussing was leased from Performance Staging, headquartered in Plymouth.

Sources told Pollstar the collapse is under independent investigation. It was speculated that perhaps too much weight was hung from one “point” versus distributing the weight among the eight points on the truss. Or maybe part of the stage floor gave way, jerking the truss downward.