Judge Denies Rave Injunction

A federal court judge denied a temporary restraining order against Utah County officials trying to enforce a mass gathering ordinance. The decision involves an August 20th rave party outside Salt Lake City that got busted up by law enforcement.

Uprock Inc. – an SLC-based rave promotion company – wanted the order as part of its civil lawsuit against the county, but U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball said Uprock failed to meet any of the four requirements necessary to obtain the restraining order. Among them, the promoters needed to show a “substantial likelihood” Uprock would win its civil case and show irreparable damage if the order was not granted.

“Given the large number of people, the illegal drug use, the remote location and the lack of first-aid stations, there was an immediate threat of harm to the health, safety and welfare of the attendees,” Kimball wrote.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 60 people for drug and alcohol offenses at Uprock’s party at Spanish Fork Canyon. The promoters contend they had all the proper permits. The bust was discriminatory and used excessive force, they claim.