Gucci Mane Gets Jail Time

Rapper Gucci Mane pleaded no contest in a Georgia court October 5th to attacking a concert promoter with a pool cue this summer.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger sentenced Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, to six months in jail – minus the three months he’s already served – and six-and-a-half years probation. The performer also agreed to pay $3,000 in hospital and medical bills.

Davis pleaded no contest to charges of aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a June 14th altercation with Troy Bufford at Atlanta’s Big Cat Records.

The 25-year-old rapper was accused of hitting Bufford in the head with a pool cue after the two argued, and then several other men beat him up. Davis was also accused of threatening Bufford with a gun.

The judge accepted the no contest plea on the condition that Davis allow the record of that day’s proceedings to be used in any lawsuit that Bufford may file.

Meanwhile, Davis still faces a murder charge in the May 10th shooting death of Henry Clark, whose body was found three days later in the woods near an Atlanta middle school.

According to police, Davis and another man were visiting a woman when five men came to the house – one of which is believed to be Clark – and attacked them. Davis allegedly grabbed a gun from a table and traded shots with the assailants.

The rapper claimed he didn’t know anyone was injured in the shooting, but he believed the men were affiliated with his rap rival, Young Jeezy. In one of Jeezy’s songs, he offers a $10,000 bounty to anyone who can bring him the chain that Davis wears around his neck.

Davis turned himself in to police May 24th and was released on $100,000 bail. That same day, he released his debut album, Trap House, on Big Cat Records.