AFTRA Leaving Big Apple

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has decided to move its national headquarters from New York City to Los Angeles next year.

“It’s something we’ve been discussing internally for the past couple of years,” AFTRA spokesman Christopher de Haan said. “We are a union of performers who perform in the media industry, and Los Angeles is increasingly the capital of the media industry.”

The union’s news unit and some other departments will remain in Manhattan.

Most of AFTRA’s more than 70,000 performers, broadcasters and recording artists live in L.A. and real estate costs are said to be more affordable than in NYC.

The location of the new AFTRA headquarters is still under discussion but reps said they may expand the current office located on Wilshire Blvd.

The transition to L.A. will begin once sound recordings and commercials contract negotiations are wrapped up next year.