Of course, TiVo subscribers already know that they can remotely program their own TiVos through the TiVo homepage. However, TiVo is hoping that it might be able to attract more customers by extending its remote programming capabilities to Yahoo! users.

Apparently TiVo units aren’t selling like they used to. At one time, TiVo was king of the digital video recorders, but generic units rented to customers of cable and satellite TV companies have cut into TiVo sales. TiVo is hoping that the alliance with Yahoo! will increase the company’s customer base.

Yahoo! and TiVo are also planning on offering certain Yahoo! features, like weather and traffic reports, to TiVo customers via their TV sets. Kind of a melding of TV and Web content.

“It’s not about having a Web browser on your TV and having a keyboard on your lap,” TiVo VP Edward Lichty said. “It’ll still be focused on the TV experience and navigating with the remote control.”