Crew Rapper Sues Ice, Hova

A former member of 2 Live Crew has filed suit over two songs with the same name – “99 Problems” – claiming Ice-T and Jay-Z owe him money for the tunes.

A November 14th filing in U.S. District Court in New York claims Marquis Ross collaborated with Ice-T about a decade ago on the first song called “99 Problems,” which appeared on Ice-T’s Home Invasion album.

According to Ross’ complaint, Ice-T put his own name on the copyright and didn’t include Ross in the royalties until 2005, when Ice made a “partial payment” of $10,000.

Jay-Z’s song, which appears on The Black Album and was recorded in both 2003 and 2004, has a chorus that allegedly uses a similar beat and lyrics as the original song, the complaint claims.

Ross is asking for back royalties and punitive damages.