Shooting At Skrappy’s

One man was shot and killed and four others injured after a fight broke out at a Tucson, Ariz., all-ages club during a December 7th heavy metal concert.

Police are trying to sort out what started the brawl that spilled over into the parking lot of Skrappy’s, a 150-capacity club that features live music and outreach programs for teens in need. The venue, which opened in 1996, is part of the Our Family Services non-profit agency.

One man was questioned by police but not arrested pending the outcome of the investigation.

Club manager Kathy Wooldridge said Shattered Realm, Donnybrook, and Hoods performed for a crowd of about 50 people aged 14-20 and there were eight men working security that night.

Donnybrook had just started its set when Wooldridge noticed 12 to 15 men entering the club through a side door. Things got out of hand quickly from there.

“We had already called the cops before anything started,” she told Pollstar. “As soon as I started to flick on the lights, the punching started. My [security] guys had that contained within a minute, and a few kids ran outside.”

The brawl then moved into the parking lot, where 27-year-old Ray Darrin Pierson was shot and killed. Four others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

A December 9th concert featuring Propagandhi, Greg McPherson Band, and Toys That Kill was canceled as a result, along with a December 28th show featuring Light This City.

Although the shooting has shaken the club’s reputation as a safe haven, Wooldridge said there are no plans to close or stop booking concerts.

“We can, as a collective, get back to feeling safe in our building. That’s the problem I think the kids are having,” she explained. “We just want to take it kind of slow and easy.”

National bands that have performed at Skrappy’s include Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Shadows Fall, and Taking Back Sunday, to name a few.

— Tina Amendola