Spector Drops Shapiro Lawsuit

Phil Spector has dropped a lawsuit claiming his previous attorney, Robert Shapiro, cheated him, but he left the door open to refile.

Spector’s attorney filed for dismissal without prejudice, which means another lawsuit can be filed in the future if the record producer decides to do so.

“We’re very happy because the case has been completely dismissed and Bob Shapiro has been completely vindicated,” Shapiro’s lawyer, Eric Early, said.

Spector claimed he paid Shapiro a $1 million retainer following his 2003 arrest in the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

The “Wall of Sound” pioneer has pleaded not guilty to murder charges and is preparing to go trial April 24th.

The lawsuit alleged Shapiro didn’t do much legal work for his retainer, and it was “incompetently done” at that. It accused the former O.J. Simpson attorney of using Spector’s predicament as an opportunity to line his own pockets.

In court documents, Shapiro denied those claims, saying he did “impeccable” work and gave Spector “the best possible foundation to defend against his pending charges.”