That’s the short answer, but for those of you keeping your own box scores, Christmas shoppers bought over 14 million iPods, which is triple the amount shoppers purchased during the same time the previous year, and was a major factor in the computer company raking in a total of $5.7 billion in sales during the holiday quarter.

Speaking at MacWorld, Steve Jobs said the company had sold 42 million iPods to date, while the iTunes Music Store served up 850 million songs and 8 million videos.

And if last year’s introduction of the video iPod wasn’t enough to entice you to listen to music the Apple way, the company has come up with yet another reason to purchase their player – an FM tuner.

Actually, Apple is late to the party when it comes to FM on personal digital players. Companies like Creative have been incorporating FM into their players for the past few years. In fact, one of the most common gripes among iPod users has been the lack of a radio component.

But that’s all in the past, for Apple recently introduced the iPod Radio Remote, an add-in device that brings the glories of frequency modulation to fifthgeneration iPods and iPod Nanos.

The iPod Radio Remote is a very small tuner that has cable running out of both sides of the almost stamp-sized device. On one side the cable goes to the iPod, while on the other side the cable ends in a pair of earbuds. Plug it into your iPod and you’re good to go. If you’re listening to a station that supports the Radio Data System, the screen will display station and song information.

That explains the radio part of the moniker, but what about the “remote” part of the iPod Radio Remote? Since the device also acts as a way to access your iPod tunes, you can shove the player in your pocket, backpack or whatever, and control all the action through the remote. Price is $49.

However, Apple isn’t the only company hawking additions for the iPod.

Sure, there are plenty of cases to choose from, as well as wireless hookups for your home or car stereo, but how about iPod-compatible pants?

Levi Strauss will have them this fall. Called Levi’s RedWire DLX Jeans, the pants will feature a joystick in the watch pocket for easy access as well as a wire retractor to help prevent tangles in the earbud wires. An iPod docking cradle will be integrated into the side pocket.

Levi Strauss promises the fit will be invisible, and there will be no “bump” caused by having a player in your pants, thus putting a stop to those questions about whether that’s an iPod in your pocket.

“The Levi’s RedWire DLX Jean is the latest extension of the Levi’s brand leadership position by merging fashion and technology that provides consumers with the most innovative way to enhance their portable, digital music lifestyle,” said Robert Hanson, Levi’s U.S. brand president. “In designing the jeans we considered both function and fashion – the result is a uniquely functional, yet stylish, great fitting jean.”