Preston Fights Heart Ailment

Billy Preston is recovering from a recent heart inflammation at a facility in Arizona.

Preston, already with a history of chronic kidney failure and dialysis, was recently treated for pericarditis, an inflammation of the thin sac that surrounds the heart, according to manager Joyce Moore (wife and manager to singer Sam Moore).

“He’s not walking at this point, but he’s finally far enough along that’s he’s able to sit up in a chair,” Moore told Pollstar. “It’s been rough, but he is way stronger and way more of a fighter. His desire, his vitality and his will to live is substantial.”

The singer has kept a light touring schedule in recent years. He is known for his collaborations with The Beatles and the members’ ensuing solo careers. He toured with The Rolling Stones and performed with Eric Clapton, and made an appearance at the George Harrison tribute concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2002.

— Tina Amendola