Williams Heirs Own Songs

An appeals court in Tennessee ruled January 20th that the right to sell old recordings by Hank Williams belongs to the legend’s heirs: Hank Williams Jr. and Jett Willliams.

The decision upholds a lower court ruling, which rejected PolyGram Records’ and Legacy Entertainment Group’s claims to the recordings – more than 150 songs, 40 of which were never released commercially.

The songs were recorded during pre-produced segments Williams made for the 1950s radio show called “Mother’s Best Flour Show.”

Legacy acquired the recordings in 1997 from Williams’ former bassist Hillous Butrum and claimed it had the right to sell them. PolyGram contended it owned the rights because of a contract the singer had with MGM Records.

But the trial court ruled in 2003 that the two heirs own the property and only they can release it.