Out Sourcing The Boss

The board of directors of Source Enterprises, which publishes hip-hop “bible” The Source, have decided to shake up the top of the magazine’s masthead by firing president Ray “Benzino” Scott and CEO David Mays.

The headline-grabbing Benzino, a sometimes rapper most notable for orchestrating a feud on record and in print with Eminem two years ago, made news again recently.

This time, he left an Ozone magazine editor an obscenity- and threat-laced voice mail after the mag named him 2005’s “most successful extortionist.” The magazine posted audio of the message on its Web site.

It isn’t known if Benzino’s highly creative vocal performance had anything to do with his canning, but the New York Post reported that he and Mays were escorted from the magazine’s offices after a temporary restraining order blocking their firing was lifted by a New York judge.

Publishing veteran Jeremy Miller, who left the magazine in 2005 after nearly 15 years, returns as president/CEO of The Source, according to a statement from Source Enterprises.

Miller also publishes Down magazine, which focuses on southern hip-hop music and culture.

“Having worked at The Source for the past 15 years, I am please to assume the position of CEO and restore the magazine to its rightful position as the preeminent hip-hop magazine,” Miller said.

“I am confident with new leadership, along with valued members of the current editorial department and staff that we will wholeheartedly bring our collective expertise, journalistic talent and passion for hip-hop to the table to execute and distribute an exceptional hip-hop ‘bible’ for the readers.”

Mays and Scott reportedly are “cooperating with the transition.”