‘Lestat’ Delayed

The Elton JohnBernie Taupin musical “Lestat” – inspired by Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles” – has canceled its first two weeks of preview shows in New York City and delayed its Broadway opening until April 25th.

Previews at NYC’s Palace Theatre will begin March 25th, instead of March 11th as originally planned. Previews are held to make any needed last-minute changes before a show officially opens and is reviewed by critics.

The musical received less-than-desirable reviews during its San Francisco tryout, which ended January 29th. The San Francisco Chronicle called it “didactic, disjointed, oddly miscast, confusingly designed and floundering in an almost unrelentingly saccharine score by Elton John.”

But Sir Elton isn’t discouraged.

“We certainly ran into some problems in San Francisco. But I think we can sort them out. It’s a painstaking process, but I’m confident we can do it,” he told the New York Post.

The singer said he was making changes that include revamping the first act and writing some new songs. He added that there are no plans to close the $12 million musical before its Broadway opening.