CIC Sold Out, Plus Added Surprises

The February 13-15 CIC in Las Vegas has hit maximum capacity and the Pollstar Concert Industry Awards at Mandalay Bay is completely sold out. No registrations or tickets will be available on site.

An important last-minute event has been added to the CIC program and it promises to be a truly memorable evening. The first annual Ian Copeland Invitational Poker Tournament will take place at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, February 14th at a location to be announced at CIC.

This will be a No Limit Texas Hold’em game restricted to music industry professionals. Many in the industry remember the legendary poker games Ian Copeland used to host at the old FBI agency offices in New York. Copeland is facing some serious health problems and his many friends in the industry have banded together to put this tournament together. Much of the proceeds will help pay Ian’s medical bills.

Although this event has only come together in the past few days, the list of Official Hosts & Sponsors recruited by WMA’s Brent Smith is beyond impressive and growing by the minute — Sting, Alex Hodges, Buck Williams, John Huie, Rob Light, Arny Granat, Michael Rapino, Andy Summers, Ron Delsener, Michael Chugg, Dan Zelisko, Michael Gudinski, Randy Phillips, Jimmy Nederlander Jr., Marc Geiger, Gregg Perloff, Andrew Hewitt, John Dittmar, Steve Ferguson, Seth Hurwitz, Ken Scher, Larry Vallon, Peter Grosslight, Mike McGinley, Phil Rodriguez, and Jon Stoll.

Check at the CIC registration room at Green Valley for up-to-date details and entry information.