But don’t expect these major players to return to their old jobs. Instead, Rosen and Berman have formed Berman Rosen Global Strategies, a company that will focus on intellectual property protection, digital media technology and distribution, international trade issues and just about everything you can think of when it comes to the digital 21st century.

Rosen became the public face for the RIAA, serving as president, then chairman and CEO. She led the trade organization’s fight against Napster as well as MP3.com’s MyMp3.com service only six short years ago. Berman, who also served as RIAA CEO and chairman, moved up to the international scene by helming the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Berman Rosen Global Strategies will be affiliated with Public Strategies Inc., known for its work combining communications, public affairs, consumer research and management consulting.

“We have a unique combination of knowledge and experience,” Rosen said. “Over the years we each have advised a number of analysts on factors relating to piracy in the entertainment business. One thing was always missing – the ability to place a valuation on the costs of piracy on multiples expected from any financial investment.”