Denver Theatres Get VIPs

Chuck Morris and Live Nation Denver are spiffing up the city’s venerable Fillmore and Paramount theatres to cater to the well-heeled music fan and the discriminating rock star.

Upgrades include VIP service and subscription boxes, which should be ready for sale in April.

At the Fillmore, about a dozen boxes in the first row above the dance floor are being rehabbed, though the final number of boxes that will be available for subscription hasn’t been decided, according to Morris.

“We never had box seats or great amenities for VIPs,” Morris told Pollstar. “What we did was extend a floor between the two decks, creating one deck over the bar. We built a private door outside that comes right up to the deck, with its own stairs and an elevator for disabled access, and installed private bathrooms. We’ll also have private servers up there.

The VIP section and subscription boxes at both theatres will have separate access and parking facilities. And, at the Fillmore, Morris is adding an unusual feature: one-way mirrors between the stage and mezzanine level.”

“Behind the stage is going to be see-through glass between the stage and VIP section, so people can see the side of the stage from behind it,” Morris explained. “It’s very cool. The curtains are going to go away and instead there’s going to be a one-way mirror so VIPs can see the band from the stage level.”

Morris declined to discuss the price tag for the project, but the Rocky Mountain News reported the investment was in the $500,000 range.

“We think the Fillmore is one of the great crown jewels of any club in America. This is the icing on the cake,” Morris said.

Over at the Paramount, refurbished six-seat boxes are reportedly already on the market.

Each of the boxes sells for $15,000 a year with cocktail service, VIP entry, parking in the Denver Pavilions across the street and VIP restrooms.

Live Nation owns and operates the Fillmore, while the Paramount is owned by Kroenke Entertainment which made a long-term lease agreement with LN in September to book the historic 100-year-old venue, according to Morris.

– Deborah Speer