Men Admit To Jacko Tape

Two air charter businessmen have pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping Michael Jackson and his attorney in 2003 while he was traveling to surrender on child molestation charges.

Jeffrey Borer, owner of XtraJet, and Arvel Jett Reeves, owner of Executive Aviation which provided maintenance for XtraJet’s planes, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors March 6th.

The two SoCal businessmen admitted in U.S. District Court to installing two digital video recorders to tape “a professional entertainer” and his lawyer as they traveled on one of Borer’s jets from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara. A federal jury accused the two men of installing “spy” equipment in the plane.

The plea agreement does not cite the name of the entertainer, but it is understood that the person in question is Jackson, who was flying with attorney Mark Geragos.

Borer originally said he did not know how the recording was made, but now acknowledges he instructed Reeves to install video recording equipment on the Gulfstream jet after learning Jackson would be a passenger, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Fox News was contacted about the videotapes by a private party in November 2003. The tapes lacked sound because, according to the plea agreement, Reeves and an unindicted suspect were unable to install remote microphones because Reeves did not have the proper connectors.

The agreement said Borer intended “to sell these recordings to the media for a large sum of money.”

The two face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. A hearing is scheduled for July 12th.