Buffett Promoters Under Fire

A man who was seriously injured during a June 2004 Jimmy Buffett concert in New Jersey is suing Electric Factory Concerts, Live Nation and the owners of a parking lot near Camden, N.J.’s Tweeter Center, claiming the parties had a hand in his misfortune.

Karl Pulliam says a woman who partied with other Parrotheads in the parking lot of the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront in Camden got behind the wheel of a car and slammed into him while he was riding his motorcycle, according to Philadelphia’s CBS 3-TV.

“People were pretty much getting wasted in Margaritaville,” Pulliam’s attorney, Jeffrey Reiff, told the station.

Reiff also claims that organizers didn’t stop the partying even though drinking in a public parking lot is against the law in Camden County.

“From three in the afternoon to nine at night, with marked security guards walking around and porto-potties set up, you are asking for trouble,” Reiff said.

The victim claims concert organizers are partially responsible because, although drinking in the parking lot was prohibited, they didn’t stop it. Pulliam said they even tacitly encouraged drinking by opening the parking lot early.

Pulliam’s injuries included a broken pelvis, a three-inch plate in his spine and a broken collar bone, he told the station. He also suffered kidney damage and now undergoes dialysis.

Live Nation spokesman John Vlautin told Pollstar that company officials declined to comment.