Hank Jr. Under Fire

A Tennessee waitress has accused Hank Williams Jr. of harassing her at a Memphis hotel bar but has yet to press charges.

Holly Hornbeak, 19, claims that at about midnight March 18th, the singer cussed at her, tried to kiss her, put her in a chokehold and lifted her off the ground during her shift at the tony Hotel Peabody, according to a police report.

Williams was staying at the hotel because his two daughters were being treated at a nearby hospital for injuries they sustained when the SUV they were riding in flipped over on a Mississippi highway.

Police have not issued any warrants in the case but the investigation is ongoing.

Hornbeak told the city’s Commercial Appeal the incident was witnessed. Williams allegedly called her names, then asked her to kiss him, followed by the choke hold. The hotel’s general manager told the paper that Hornbeak would have been working the lobby bar that night and it would have been busy.

Williams’ publicist, Kirt Webster, called Hornbeak’s allegations preposterous.

“I’m shocked at such allegations,” Webster said in a statement. “Hank Jr. has had to defend himself once already in Memphis last Friday from erroneous allegations, and now this.”

The country star held a news conference to dismiss rumors started by an anonymous caller to a radio talk show that Williams asked his daughters be treated by white hospital personnel only.