Parking Provider Fined

Clever types in San Jose, Calif., who think it might be a good idea to open their businesses to provide otherwise scarce event parking spaces could face fines if they don’t obtain the proper permits.

San Jose store owner Suzanne Comaroto opens up her shop when there are events at the nearby HP Pavilion and offers parking spaces for customers who buy a $10 coupon. She claims she’s just promoting her consignment business, Move It Elsewhere. City code enforcer Paul Garcia isn’t buying it, according to The San Jose Mercury News.

“Any parking lot that allows parking other than business parking needs to have a special use permit for that district,” Garcia told the paper. Garcia handed a compliance order to Comaroto, threatening to fine her as much as $2,500 each day she offers spaces.

With only 1,600 parking spaces available for 20,000 seats during the arena’s busiest nights, it’s not surprising that parking is a major issue at the Pavilion.

The city says there are an additional 6,300 spots available within a mile of the venue, but parking is still tight on busy nights.

Comaroto says that in return for the $10, she offers discounts to a monthly three-day sale at her store, according to the Mercury News. She claims she turns customers away if they tell her they’re only interested in a parking space. With 60 spaces at her business, she makes $600 in coupons each night.

She says she uses the money to advertise and pay her rent. She also said she plans to continue selling on event nights and will insist that parkers visit her store, the paper said.