V For Victory as Forger Is Nailed

A 27-year-old Hertfordshire, England, man found selling fake wristbands for last year’s Chelmsford V Festival has been fined £2,000.

Spencer Cottol had given notice that he intended to plead not guilty but changed his mind March 21st, the day of the case. Chelmsford Crown Court also placed him under the supervision of a probation office for 12 months and ordered to him to do 100 hours of unpaid community service.

V Festival director Bob Angus of London’s Metropolis Music said he’s delighted with the verdict and punishment because it’s a significant step toward helping to “stamp out the people that spoil the festival for everyone else.

“We fully support the police with any plans to clamp down on people that produce them. This year’s V Festival has sold out and, as always, we urge people not to buy tickets from unofficial outlets as it may well lead to disappointment.”

A policeman spotted Cottol selling the fake wristbands in one of the car parks next to the festival arena and arrested him.

Simon Forshaw from Metropolis, who attended court but didn’t need to give evidence once the defendant had switched plea, was called in to verify the bands were phony.

“They’re easy to spot because they’re so badly made. With the old plastic-covered wristbands, it was possible for the forgers to make a better copy, but with the new embroidered wristband, they can’t turn around a good copy within the two days that the festival lasts,” he told Pollstar.

The 130,000 tickets for this year’s twinned V Festivals in Essex and Staffordshire sold out in five hours.

Acts on the August 19th and 20th bill include Radiohead, Morrissey, Beck, Faithless, Kasabian, and Paul Weller.

– John Gammon