Ford Repairs OK’d

Ford Park in Beaumont, Texas, got some long-awaited good news April 10th when local officials selected a contractor and voted to spend $1.9 million to whip the SMG-operated complex’s amphitheatre into shape in time for a May 19th event.

Hurricane Rita heavily damaged the shed’s roof and other areas in September, rendering it virtually unusable since then. But local officials, anxious to get Ford Pavilion functioning as a venue again, have agreed to fast track the repairs.

The May 19th event is to feature players from NFL’s Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys, as well as the Cowboys’ cheerleaders and several bands. A Juneteenth festival is also a possibility for the venue on June 17th.

“We are pleased that the county commissioners recognize the value of Ford Pavilion in this community and are investing dollars for its repair,” Ford Park GM Allan Vella said. “This upcoming May event will be quite a coup for a market the size of Beaumont, and it simply would not have been possible here without a facility like Ford Park to host it.”

County commissioners that approve local spending on the complex reportedly accepted a Jamail Construction estimate of $1.9 million to bring the shed back to pre-storm condition.

The vote allows a committee of county officials to eliminate any work and associated cost Jamail proposed that is not of an emergency or essential nature.

“We need to get the facility ready to do functions,” commissioner Bo Alfred told the Enterprise. “We need to try to make money out there so we can try to get it to support itself.”