‘Jake Blues’ Has Cancer

Curtis Salgado, the singer and bluesman who inspired John Belushi’s Blues Brothers act, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. He has canceled his upcoming tour dates.

Salgado, 52, was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and expects to begin radiation treatment in May. He hopes to eventually have a liver transplant, according to his manager.

Belushi, who turned into Jake Blues on stage, met Salgado while in Eugene, Ore., during the filming of “Animal House” in 1977. Salgado was singing and playing harmonica for Robert Cray at the time.

Right then, Belushi got the idea to take Salgado’s look, complete with Ray-Ban sunglasses, and create the Blues Brothers, according to Cray.

Salgado has been working on his fourth solo album and performs in the Pacific Northwest area often.

He was known for partying hard until the late ’80s. More recently he has been known to speak to children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.