Nelly To Pay Photog 20k

Nelly has agreed to pay $20,000 to a photographer who says he was beat up by the rapper’s bodyguard.

The freelance photographer, Jerry Livingston, was snapping shots of the Nelly show at the 10,000-capacity Arena At Harbor Yard for the Chocolate City News April 12th, when he said Nelly’s bodyguard, Mark Arons, grabbed him by the arm.

According to the cameraman’s attorney, the bodyguard then pulled him to the side of the stage, threw him on the ground and pummeled him, leaving him with a sprained knee and other injuries. Arons apparently thought the cameraman was videotaping the show.

Livingston has lawsuits pending against the city, the arena and its facility management company. Nelly’s security company will also pay the pummeled paparazzi $3,000, according to his attorney.