The rap star was driven away from the airport station, police said, while speaking on condition of anonymity in line with department policy. They did not give details of five other men arrested with him.

“Snoop has been released on bail,” said his attorney, Peter Binning. “He will return at a later date.”

Binning said the rap star was released without charge and would leave the country to honor concert commitments in South Africa. He said he has not be charged with any offense.

He declined to reveal the amount of money posted for his bail. Police did not immediately comment on details of the release of the rapper.

Trouble began late April 26 when members of the star’s entourage were denied entry into British Airways’ first class lounge. A disturbance involving 30 people followed, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

When police told the group that they would not be allowed to board their flight, “a number of the group became abusive and pushed officers,” a police spokeswoman said on the force’s customary condition of anonymity.

The six men were arrested on charges of “violent disorder and affray” – or creating a brawl or disturbance – and spent the night at London police stations. Police said all those arrested were U.S. citizens in their 30s.

Seven officers received cuts, bruises and other minor injuries, the force said.

The rapper and his party were denied entry into the lounge because some of the entourage was flying first class, while other members of the party were flying economy class, said Richard Goodfellow, a spokesman for British Airways, which runs the lounge.

“They became very rude and abusive to our staff and we took the decision to offload the party and refuse them travel,” Goodfellow said. “That sort of behavior will not be tolerated.”

British Airways said they have sent letters to the rapper and his party telling them that they are banned from all future travel on the airline, the spokesman added.

Snoop Dogg – real name Calvin Broadus, 34 – had been due to perform in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 27th. The concert he was set to that day will be rescheduled but others set for the weekend will go on as planned, Binning said.